Life is Growth

Our Mission


Success! A Journey of Personal Growth

Success is a journey not a destination, Paul J Meyer says "Success is the progressive realisation of worthwhile predetermined personal goals". For the first time for many years success in business requires people in the business to look very closely and critically at what they do with their time.

Focus on your business principles.

Your reputation in the market is determined by the principles you have instilled into your business mission. If these are not supporting you well in bad times as well as good, they need revisiting, review your vision, mission and culture (what, how, why and who).

Face your challenges head on.

Dust off your strategic business and marketing plans, make them dynamic documents, update them weekly if necessary, to adjust to current environment and financial changes. Make sure you are a finisher, leaving things unfinished, can cause challenges in the future.

Be relentless in your preparation. Have a dash board of information to provide you with actual data and measured the trends i.e. average dollar sale, number of jobs per day per person, hours worked against hours charged, even your true hourly rate.

Set goals; remember small steps done every day, rather than big leaps. Build your awareness of external and internal elements, which support or hinder your progress. You will need to read, question your customers, test and measure action and responses, make sure you are aware of facts and can trust the source of the information, to anticipate what will happen, and make decisions accordingly.

Focus on building your team.

Building your team requires participation through their involvement. You must communicate widely and clearly your expectations of them and your business and the results you want. Lead them to success by having written goals to drive outcomes.

Be accountable for results - make sure you know the facts not someone else's version but those you have observed & measured. Being held to account means being a keen observer, know your people and how they think, more importantly know yourself and how you think.

Your powers of observation have the biggest impact on your business. Observe your trading environment will allow you to keep abreast of change. Being able to analyse how external change will impact on your market segments and therefore your products or service will allow you to keep ahead.